Jeremiah Nicolas Brackett

Mind/Body/Life Coach, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

Mind/Body/Life Coach, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Certified Strategic Interventionist Trained by Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes

Through personal experiences Jeremy grew dissatisfied with the ways of the world, and the answers he was given in response to the questioning of these ways were also not good enough, so he decided to search far and wide to find his own answers. And he did.

Since finding his answers he has dedicated his time to teaching others, not the answers he found, but how to find their own answers to their own life's questions.

He believes that even though we all live in the same world, within this one world are billions of worlds. Each of us see the world through different eyes, different perspectives, which makes the world different for each of us. And when we begin to accept others' answers as our own we begin to let our True Selves slip away.

Jeremy's goal is to help as many people as possible find their True Selves so that we can all stop comparing and competing, so we can see the beauty that sits just behind the labels that we wrap everything up in, so we can see the beauty of life and fall back in-love with our own experience of it. When you love life, life loves you back and everything you have always wanted falls right into place with what seems like no effort at all. Sounds nice doesn't it?

After studying tirelessly for over a decade for his own personal knowledge and personal transformation or as he likes to call it, personal realization, he then decided that he needed to share this information with as many as possible, because it is what he and the world have been missing. So he took it on as his own personal responsibility to make sure that he spends the rest of his life sharing the information which changed his own experience of life. This is what happens when you find your purpose in life, you feel a deep personal responsibility to see it through, and as long as you are on the path toward seeing it through, you will feel as if you need nothing else, you will finally be fulfilled.

Jeremy's purpose in life is to help you find your purpose, to fulfill your dreams. So all he asks is not deprive him of fulfilling his life's purpose, of fulfilling his dreams. Are you up for it?

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