Jeremy Belter BS, CPT, RBT

Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Fitness Coach

You can get in the best shape of your life without wasting your time.

You can live your life with vitality and the body of your dreams.

You can gain strength and conditioning in short workout times.

You can live the life you want without giving up your social life, family, and friends.

The key is metabolic functioning. Building lean muscle tissue speeds up metabolism and burns fat. Helping clients become more functional and strong – unleashing the “athlete within,” so to speak – is your key!

With short (20- to 30-minute), highly-targeted workouts using resistance to achieve true fitness. Yes, less really is more. Coupled with nutrition coaching and lifestyle changes, you can get healthier and feel better.

Sure, you can spend hours on a treadmill or stationary bike. You’ll probably lose some weight. But endless cardio doesn’t create real health … and that’s what it’s all about.

Are you a mom, business professionals, Baby Boomer, retiree, or someone who wants to lose weight and gain functionality and confidence? You are the right fit for our programs and services. Our coaching is focused around positive rewards and friendly support, at a pace designed around each person’s abilities.

This isn’t just about clients, either. My dedication to helping others is absolute. I’ve raised thousands of dollars for charities, and constantly seek new ways to give back. Christian values guide my life.

I competed in college athletics. I’ve trained top performers including former Olympians, Division 1 recruits, and other college athletes.

Yet I’m constantly inspired by the everyday person, the “average Joe (or Jane),” who’s working to be healthy. They want to enjoy a fuller life, and be around for their family. I’m blessed to be part of their journey.

Will you or your company be the next success story?

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