Jenny Brown

Professional Software Engineer and Coding Mentor (22 yrs)

I am a professional software engineer, with 22 years experience, with much of that on Java web application development.  

I am also a mentor for an in-person women's coding group.  I help women of all ages get started in technical careers, and many of them double or triple their income in the process!  Working face-to-face with students for 3 years has helped me fine-tune my course materials to be easier for beginners to understand.  This makes the course far more enjoyable, and less frustrating!

I have loved coding since I was a young girl.  Although they did not have much money, my parents so valued education that they prioritized a computer for educational software over having hot running water.  So I was 4 when I started coding, and 5 when I decided I wanted this as a career.  It's been fun all along, so I never looked back.  It was also my ticket to escaping poverty.  

Now, I've taken the best parts of how I learned to code and turned them into a course using current technologies, making it more approachable and practical than many other courses.  I especially make sure that no steps are skipped, so you won't get lost from lesson to lesson.

A clear, step-by-step course helps students start out successful, and then build the skills to stay successful, as they take on bigger challenges, without any impossible leaps.  I focus on hands-on practice, so you spend most of your time actually coding, not just listening to lectures.

My courses are set up to allow and encourage collaboration. Talking about software helps us understand it.  Some assignments in the course will invite you to demo your software to a friend.  This is a chance to deepen your learning, and practice using the right words to talk about it, so you will do better in interviews one day!  Professional coding is teamwork, so communication matters.

Freestyle assignments encourage you to build your own ideas immediately, using what you've just learned.  The creativity is fun!  And it helps you remember the material better.  If you learn enough from my course to continue on your own without me, then we've both been very successful!

Coding is creative, practical, pays well, and is tremendously fun. Being able to listen to someone's problem and then build software to solve it is empowering and rewarding. As technology takes over the world, it's also valuable to understand what's happening inside the tech.  It's a fantastic career path with far more jobs than people to fill them, and it lets you make a real difference in the world.

So I invite and welcome you to join me in the world of software development, where your own creativity, curiosity, and ideas can come out to play.

The best learning is engaging, meaningful, personal, and fun. Join us, and be part of this learning community!

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