Jenny Brown

Professional Software Engineer, 22 years experience

I am a professional software engineer, with many years of experience in Java web development and several years in related technologies. I mentor an in-person beginning developers group, and have mentored developers on-the-job for many years.

Gaps in the curriculum of other beginner courses frustrated me as a teacher, when I saw great students struggling because the course material left things out. So I chose to create my own.

I believe in significantly more hands-on practice, and a more gradual ladder of learning with fewer frustrating gaps. I also believe in intentionally teaching technical vocabulary, so students can more easily follow the new material and communicate with teammates.

A well-structured, gradual learning path helps students start out successful and build the skills to stay successful as they take on bigger challenges, without feeling like any step is an impossible leap.

My courses are set up to allow and encourage collaboration. In the professional world, software is built by a team. It's crucial to be able to share ideas with others, give feedback, and build from each other's designs. Talking about software helps us understand it. What better way is there than to allow collaborative work while learning?

There is enormous value in students building software of their own design. After all, that's why you're learning, right - to build software?

Some courses save up the freedom of self-directed learning for their final project. My courses instead reserve an assignment in each section for your own creativity, all throughout the course, so you don't have to wait until the end to discover the joy and magic of building your own dreams.

I've spent a lot of years studying how to improve my own learning. Staying up to date in the rapidly expanding technology field requires learning how to learn. Some techniques work better than others, so I've included tips and study skills from my own experiences as well as from cognition research to help you use your learning time wisely.

If you learn enough from my course to continue on your own without me, then we've both been very successful!

I have loved writing software since I was a young girl. It's creative and practical, and tremendously fun. Being able to listen to someone's problem and then build software to solve it is empowering and rewarding. As technology takes over the world, it's also increasingly valuable just to understand what's happening behind the scenes.

So I invite and welcome you to join me in the world of software development, where your own creativity, curiosity, and experimentation can come out to play.

The best learning is personal, engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join us!