Jatin Taneja

Stock Market Instructor

Hi, my name is Jatin Taneja. I am a stock market Investor having experience of almost 6 years in the stock market. I have lost and made money, learned everything from scratch, and now sharing all what I have learned through years of hard work and struggle.

I am passionate about stock market Investing and generally about finance. My simple mission is to educate everyone about the stock market so they can learn each and everything that they need to know and get started and make money in the markets.

When I first started Investing then I was like everybody else and had no knowledge of the stock market whatsoever but anyway I got started with the market and lost almost all my money in a matter of 10 days. After that point, I decided that I will make money in the markets anyhow and so began my journey of learning. Last few years I almost spent most of my time learning everything that I can about the stock market. I have read over 60 books on Stock Market Investing, Trading, Value Investing, Growth Investing, Economics, and many many more.

Finally, I decided to share all that I learned with my courses. The main purpose of all my courses is to guide you through everything that you possibly need to know about the stock market and make every student a better Investor.