Jason Wardrop

Leads Specialist

Hi my name is Jason Wardrop. I'm a marketer, consultant, and Founder of Arsenal MKG. I have been in the online marketing space for the last 7 years helping Realtors generate leads.

I specialize in helping small business entrepreneurs learn how to leverage the internet (primarily social media) to connect with their target audience, attract new customers, and generate more sales.

I have helped several small businesses generate thousands of leads online. The basic lead generation methods are the same for any industry and I will show you how to maximize your lead generation and maximize your reach on social media.

I enjoy helping others learn the right strategies of internet marketing since I know first-hand how difficult it can be for beginners to know where to start. After 7 years of being in the industry I feel like I have a good grasp on the right tools and strategies to help you maximize your business online.

Join me next Thursday for my Free, Live training, The '53 Leads/Day' Webinar. You can reserve your seat here: https://dreamlife.style/start

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