Jason Widjaja

Data Science Team Leader, Ex-Consultant, Quiet Introvert

Jason am living proof that introversion can be a strength. Soft spoken, thoughtful and reflective, he nonetheless forged a difficult career path in management consulting, eventually transiting to leading a high performing data science team in a Fortune 100 company.

He is a sought after career mentor who has personally guided hundreds of graduates, young professionals and new entrepreneurs. Jason is passionate about helping individuals succeed in their unique career journeys and has been a featured speaker in business schools, universities, career conferences.

He holds an MBA (Dean's List) from Melbourne Business School, a first class honors in Information Systems and a second masters in Business Analytics.


Introverts face an uphill task at professional networking events which seem to favour the loud and outspoken. This is a shame because they often possess the depth of knowledge and personality that would allow them to excel in the very roles they lose out on due to the way networking events are structured. Developed based on research, extensive feedback and success stories from years of mentoring, and personal experience as an introvert, the Networking for Introverts course is a practical and intensive course designed to help other introverts shine by networking in a way that is natural, comfortable and yet thoroughly effective.

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