James McArthur

Roulette Instructor,Business Strategist,Developer,Invester

30 Years experienced Roulette Dealer and Instructor

From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo and onboard cruise ships,I travelled the world, trained hundreds of players worldwide

Author of world renowned book Fly Me To The Moon-Visual Roulette Prediction

My book is sold in all book stores all over the world,You can find it on Amazon,Kindle,Ibooks,GooglePlay,Barns & Noble and all online Bookstores.

Developer and Owner of mobile application (ROULETTE GeGa)

First and only Mobile application for Visual Roulette Prediction built from scratch based on Casino Experience and laws of Physics,Found On Apple store,Google Play,Amazon and Facebook games.

Holds Bachelors degree in Physics

Things worked out amazingly combining Physics knowledge with 2 years of casino management certificate trained by Las Vegas finest top instructors,Luckily this was the only way and combination that could beat the Roulette game

Throughout the past 30 years i travelled the world

I run a real estate investment properties in Texas

I have investments in the App stores, My studio contains 12 apps or games and i always keep adding new games because i enjoy technology and i also like to prove to my self that i am smart not only in what i know but in new things that i learn everyday

I enjoy passing my knowledge to my student by giving one on one skype training courses for intermediate and advanced Visual Roulette Prediction

My greatest joy is when my student tell me he had made great income this day or this month or year.I love to put smiles on my students faces

I believe in positive energy and positive attitude.I try to pass this positive energy to all my students

I enjoy soccer,Basket ball and skiing,Love traveling and meeting new people

I enjoy family the most

I am a talented musician, I play almost all types of music on the Piano

I am a little bit shy and fair of public speaking,although i love lights so maybe one day one of my fellow instructors will put a course on how to over come the fear of public speaking :)

I love being an online instructor, and interact with my students

Every time i receive a question or a message i feel good because

I love my Students.

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