Jake Johnson

Software Developer and Designer

I've been involved in the desktop and mobile software industries since 2010, when I worked for Apple and built software that helped internal B2B teams across a range of international markets stay coordinated and focused on sales and customer interaction / retention. My experience in breaking down internal processes into dynamic and easy-to-understand software workflows is backed by a drive to always put user experience first.

Today I work for one of the best custom software development firms in Los Angeles and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to build great apps for great customers on a daily basis that cover a wide range of technologies and languages / platforms. Our clients range from small to medium trade-specialized companies to media giants such as the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, and Paramount. I recently completed an asset management system optimized for iPad that is in the process of being implemented by a leader in the entertainment hospitality industry to manage a network of over 75,000 assets across all of their locations.

I am the lead mobile developer at our firm and have a strong passion for not only clean, useful design - but the data behind the scenes that makes that design mean something. Over the last several years, I have accumulated experience in building user-friendly front end solutions that hook up to massive database backend systems. I strive to make every tap or click count and firmly believe that to the user, the interface is the application. By leveraging the skills and best practices that I have learned, I want to help you bring powerfully simple applications to your users and clients.

I absolutely love my job and can't wait to share what I do with you.

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