Jake Fisher

Founding Partner at Venture Formations

Jake Fisher, Founding Partner at Venture Formations

Jake Fisher helps businesses succeed from the start. At 15 years old Jake started his first tech company, an online hosting platform for podcasters; a year later he sold it to a publicly traded company.  Jake’s entrepreneurial hustle started at age 9 mowing neighbor’s lawns and has been involved in everything from tech, lifestyle apparel, energy beverages, and most recently entrepreneur consulting.

After founding multiple startups, Jake realized he was drawn to the initial planning and development stages of a business cycle. He is passionate about helping businesses determine the best revenue and business models along with implementing strategies to take their business from idea to execution. Jake’s goal is to ease the learning curve for entrepreneurs and set them on a path for success.

Currently he runs Venture Formations, a company that specializes in creating custom pitch decks and entrepreneur consulting. Through his work, Jake has been able to help entrepreneurs develop Powerful Confidence, Persuasive Presentations, and Winning Pitches.

Jake received a degree in Communication from the University of North Dakota. While in school he had the opportunity to intern at the Center for Innovation, a tech incubator.

Jake has been featured in INC. Magazine Portfolio of Young Entrepreneurs.

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