Jagannath Rajagopal

Entrepreneur and Data Scientist

Hi! You can call me Jag. I have spent most of the past 10 years implementing Statistical Forecasting Systems at major companies in North America and Asia. I graduated from Georgia Tech [Atlanta, GA, USA] with a Masters in Industrial Engineering and so have a statistics background.

As part of my prior job, I have had to work with data extensively - mining, analyzing and summarizing. I have developed routines to cleanse historical sales data for input to Statistical Forecasting algorithms. I have also had to teach Statistical Forecasting and the use of said techniques and algorithms to every client I have been at.

These days, I am an entrepreneur and am based in Mississauga, ON, Canada. I am focussed on a couple of areas, one of which is online education.

Check out my Deep Learning YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter page.

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