Jacqui Moore

Founder :: Freelancer :: Former VP :: Business Postgrad

I'm a life long Freelancer, Founder of Brits In The Box, former VP of Production for MTV; with post-graduate qualification in business from the prestigious University of London.

Over the years thousands of résumés have landed in my inbox, and I've interviewed, coached and mentored hundreds of people. I really know what Freelancers and Solopreneurs do well ... and not so well.

I understand the plight of freelancers and solopreneurs as I'm immersed in both worlds. I spend my time managing people and productions as a freelance producer, consulting with businesses (from start-ups to big corporates) as a solopreneur and providing one-to-one coaching, online training and talent management through Brits In The Box.

I created Brits In The Box in 2012 to connect the ex-pat TV community living overseas. As our membership grew, so did my awareness of the issues affecting the creative, freelance and solopreneur communities. And so I created 'Get The Gig!'

Get The Gig! originally debuted as a seminar in New York in June 2015; where it was presented as part of Freelancers Union's speaker series.

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