I am a piano, keyboard and guitar teacher and have been for over 25 years, with a 100% Student exam success rate.

I qualified to teach with the Associated Board Of The Royal Schools of Music in London.

I am also a compose and record music

Why I teach online:

  1. I have taught students in the traditional route through exams and still do with private students although my main focus is now online teaching.
  2. The need for a less formal method of teaching piano and keyboard was shown desirable by many students. Many of whom expressed a desire to play piano for fun and relaxation rather than spending years learning classical or forever taking exams.
  3. I did notice that a desire to learn piano became a desire to pass exams as time progressed. Once the exams were passed, many students rarely played again. Of course this is not completely true several of my former pupils have gone on to be successful professional musicians.
  4. Now I believe the exam route is a superb route to learning piano but not for everyone.
  5. To answer the requirements of some students I developed the system of learning piano by the use of chords only, which allows students to rapidly learn to play piano using only chords. The advantage is that students learn to play piano very quickly together with enjoying their lessons and playing for pleasure forever. I have written two books teaching these methods. I do teach using traditional methods also for those wishing to learn using music.
  6. HD video lessons surpass other mediums for learning piano, in my video piano lessons I use my front on camera angle, that ensure students not only learn to play piano by seeing what is required to be played, they also fully understand how to play. I tried many ways to teach on line including the common overhead camera method. I found limitations in students understanding of the piano. Copying the keystrokes by rote teaches where to put fingers, but not a full understanding of why, so essential for future playing.
  7. Having taught students from ages of 8 to 75 years of age over a vast number of years I know that my courses will work for most people.
  8. Being online they are available anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available

When Teaching On-Line, I ensure you learn:

  1. Correct terminology, essential for future playing with others or expanding your knowledge
  2. Correct fingering of every chord, every scale and every note, together with variations
  3. How to find songs and utilize them to suit your own playing style
  4. From a practice schedule for you to use for practice between each lesson, ensuring your success
  5. How to improvise and make songs your own
  6. From a downloaded and printed text book to use for practice
  7. Full support from me, including you sending me recordings of you playing should you be having problems for my analysis and advice for improvement.

Why 4000 plus students are learning from my courses:

  1. I am a qualified teacher of Piano
  2. I teach only proper piano methods that will allow students to advance long after they finish the course
  3. I have 30 years experience in teaching piano, keyboard and guitar
  4. I provide personal support
  5. My lessons are fun
  6. I provide a practice schedule to use after each lesson
  7. My full front videos are as near to being in the room with you as possible
  8. I Care about you learning piano.

How can I teach you to learn to play piano? Take one of my courses to find out for yourself.

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