Ivan Nikolov

On Achieving Better Health & Exeptional Physical Competence

I am a life-long health and physical fitness enthusiast and practitioner.

But, I am also interested in exploring - and I do explore - a very wide range of topics - seemingly unrelated at first (and, some totally unrelated!).

My interests lie mostly in:

- Healthy lifestyle (functional exercise and functional nutrition)

- Practicing functional fitness (physical skills that are applicable in every-day life situations)

- Developing self-defense skills

- Trying to understanding human psychology (why people do the things they do - good and bad - I spend a lot of time reading about such things)

Teaching is something I've always wanted to do.. and now it's becoming a reality for me. I've lectured before live audience in the past - mostly on the topics of health and nutrition (as a part of my Toastmasters Intl. training and as a Specialty/Healthy Bakery owner - see below), but never formally as an online instructor.

This is just the beginning..


A bit more about me..

I was born in Bulgaria - a former Communist country in southeastern Europe. I grew up under communist rule until I was 15.

Immigrated into the US when I was 28. I spent 12 years in Tampa, FL but currently reside in Pflugerville (Austin), Texas.

I am...

-- An Engineer by education with Masters in Industrial Management from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria-- A former competitive natural bodybuilder, competing mostly in international contests from 1999 to 2008-- A certified Bodybuilding Instructor - National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria -- A Fitness Trainer from 1999 to 2009-- A former fitness and physique model back in my competitive days -- A certified MovNat Level 1 trainer by MovNat-- An avid progressive calisthenics and bodyweight training practitioner-- Currently very actively involved in other self-defense - related activities, like Filipino edged weapons martial arts (Kali) and firearms training

I even had my own Specialty Bakery in Tampa, FL from 2009 - 2012 where I personally designed healthy high-protein, low-carb and low-sugar, natural and organic baked snacks. I even won an award for that. My bakery and cafe was called Viitals.

I was a member of Toastmaster International. My current level is Competent Communicator.

A few more fun facts about me:

-- I was once 65 lbs heavier than I am today.

-- I once took an acting course - it was a lot of fun!

-- I am a firm believer in basing ones thoughts on logic whenever possible (it's always possible). I have an affinity toward persons of logic.

-- I want to learn to fly an airplane. It is a childhood dream of mine.

-- I like people who have goals in life - and work toward achieving their goals!

-- I cherish entrepreneurship and I celebrate all who dare to try on their own - the true movers of our economies!

-- I like riding a motorcycle. I currently own a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883.

~ Ivan Nikolov

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