Ivanka Tabachuk is a certified business English trainer with more than 10 years of experience teaching people to obtain new skills, mostly related to increasing effectiveness in business settings. She constantly conducts forward-looking workshops and seminars to a variety of groups on business writing, passing a job interview, presenting, and participating in negotiations and meetings. 

She also has an MBA in HR and expertise in related activities: several years in technical recruitment. And now she heads the recruitment department in a global IT outsourcing company, and is a constant public speaker and lecturer on business writing and communication.

From her years of management and training experience, Ivanka learned how to craft effective emails that will get read, and will introduce you to lessons learned from international business to help you be effective communicators and make a big difference to your emailing: 

"As you will see, my course contains a modern viewpoint on email writing, acquired from real day-to-day practice, observation, analysis and research. It’s intentionally called deschool your writing. You will learn that many tools and techniques learned in schools and written in standard text books are not applicable to modern alive business communication. My goal is to help you become more effective in business life, achieve your dreams, and live a happy life. 

I hope that together with my firstborn (about whom I learnt a week before filming a course) will be contributions to make this world at least a bit a better place:)".

Good luck!!!

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