Iulian Gulea

Professional Trainer | Freelancer | Web Developer | University Lecturer | TEDxChisinau Speaker

---[ Soft-skills training delivery ]---

As a professional trainer, in over 7 years of my activity, I developed and delivered soft and hard-skills trainings in companies for employees and middle management and in NGOs to their members as well as to their top management.


1800+ hours of training
6000+ people trained in face-2-face trainings

Mastered Skills:

adult learning processes
group dynamics

---[ eLearning courses development ]---

Besides face-2-face trainings, I've developed internal courses on an online eLearning platform for several companies.


developed 2 brand new courses and migrated 1 existing offline course
over 1500 employees have taken these courses

Mastered Skills:

information architecture
online courses building

---[ Teaching at University ]---

For the last 4 years, I've been teaching at university, so besides informal education techniques, I involve and use formal education techniques as well.


4 generations of students taught

Mastered Skills:

students' attention control

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