Issam Almustafa


  I am a university professor with experience in guitar sound amplifier and control circuits, designs,I have bachelor degree and several technical certificates in the filed of electronics, control and information have experience working with  PLC , tube sound amplifiers design and maintenance. 

I have been teaching for several years various college courses; like numerical methods , computer architecture ,electronic circuits and others .My areas of interest are   Embedded Vision, mixed integrated circuits and computer graphics algorithms.

 What characterizes my teaching methodology is the style I deliver the idea in the most effective way with as few words as possible, without missing  the most important ideas and precise concepts. 

I take serious responsibility teaching my students with clarity, patience and tolerance, attending them 24/7 to make sure they get their time and money worthy  100% . My main concern is always to help them build their success.  I would be very pleased to assess in building yours as well.

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