Isabelle De Grandpre

Professional Organiser & Entrepreneur

Although a journalist by profession, Isabelle de Grandpre found her passion when she started Neat Freak in 2008 and began offering her services as a professional organiser to individuals and small businesses.

At the time, Isabelle had also recently started her own freelance media business but within a year she began focusing almost exclusively on organising.

Over the years, Isabelle has been an office administrator, project coordinator and manager. During this time she developed a knack for establishing systems, clearing and organising stock rooms and even created resource centres from piles of reference materials.

"I've put this experience to the test in my home and personal office and I can do the same for my clients", says Isabelle. "My goal is to help get people organised in such a way that when I leave them, they are able to move forward with whatever system we have created together."

Creating an organising business in South Africa wasn't easy for Isabelle who explains that although the trend internationally is to hire an organiser, South Africans are still warming to the idea.

"My focus has therefore not only been to offer my services as an organiser but to inspire people through our various social media platforms to embrace the idea of leading organised lives because of the rewards you get for doing so. It's so empowering to be organised and therefore have more time for family and friends", says Isabelle

Since starting Neat Freak, Isabelle has grown the business to include a line of products that help you get organised ( She tested items with clients and in her home and slowly started building up her range, which she sources both locally and internationally and currently sells in South Africa only.

Isabelle has also served as the President of the Professional Organiser Association Africa (POAA) for 3 years and recently created the Directory for Professional Organiser and Virtual Administrators 

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