Zia Ur Rehman


I've been playing with technology since I was a kid. At 13 I was building websites by hand in HTML and Front page 98 (which is how I learned what not to do) after that some by dream viewer . Since then I've been a computer addict and web programmer.

I've always been an avid reader and insatiable learner, I started rearranging bits and bytes to make the computer behave the way I wanted, and help others understand the nonsense technology can be sometimes. Despite this love-hate relationship I've had with computers and the web, it is the thing I am most interested in and passionate about still after several decades of it. I can't get enough.

After that i changed my field and became an independent security researcher . In start i have just do it for my self and for my own sites but with the time past some of my clients asked me for the protection of their sites so i started it for them.

I searched a lot of material and get trained in this field now i am able to protect my sites and my friend or clients site from xss attacks and sql injection attacks.

So let me Know if i can help you for any thing and have a blessed days.

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