Igor Benić

Front End Developer & Designer

As a student at Maritime University in Rijeka, Croatia I had an interest in Photoshop and the Design as a whole (Photo Manipulation, Logo Design, Web Design etc.). As I started learning various techniques used for personal learning projects I have tried myself in Web Design.

My first web design was an ugly web with some pictures and text which I have then exported as a Web using that option in Photoshop. As I have inspected it I wanted to figure it out how to build a Web in HTML and CSS without using that option so I could have a website with a neat performance and not looking at a 5sec downloading set of picture ( at that time I had a 56k modem).

After some time I have learned HTML and CSS reading tutorials on many learning sites.. Everything started from good-tutorials.com, an old website which archived many tutorials on various categories and I don`t know if today that site is alive.

So, there I was, a young student who liked to code websites in HTML and CSS. After I had enough knowlegde to build a website from any web design in .PSD I wanted to know more. I couldn`t imagine anyone having a blog site and everytime rewriting the HTML with the new blog post so I have searched how a blog is built and how could I dinamically load content in it.

I stumbled upon PHP and MySQL which was a totally new thing for me back then. I have searched for many tutorials and there were not many of high quality and so I have found a site where there was a course PHP and MySQL Basics or something like that. After I have watched the course and built an application following the course I started developing many application as personal project so I could have an even greater knowlegde. After some time I wanted to learn better techniques and methodolgies and so I have learned also about OOP in another course Beyond the basics - PHP and Mysql.

After some time I got a neat knowledge on some techniques with PHO and MySQL. While building various projects I have learned also jQuery and AJAX which were magic to me in the begginning.

Today, I have a job thanks to my ambition and desire to know how things work on the web. I am a Front End Developer and Designer @ Multilink and there I am developing web applications on ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies. In my spare time I record various courses on Croatian.

I have also worked as a WordPess Developer as a student job for some months in which I fell in love way before when WordPress was still fresh CMS.

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