Idriz Zogaj

Captain of the Swedish National (gold winning) Memory Team

Idriz Zogaj is captain and coach of the Swedish national memory team that won gold 2014. Idriz has coached many of the worlds best memory athletes and is also an author in the topic of memory training. With apps like "Zogaj Memo Gym", "Remente" and "BrainFight" Idriz has taken brain training to a new level.

Idriz TEDx, with 6.4 MILLION views, is the most viewed and liked speech in memory out there. It ranks Top30 of all TEDx presented thus far.

Idriz was Swedens best memory five consecutive year, 2004-2008, and is founder and chairman of the Swedish Memory Sports Council. Idriz vision is to make memory training available to all and something that should be taught in schools. 

Recently he is involved in starting up brain training research for a large Swedish university.

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