Huy Pham

Professional Dancer | Entrepreneur

Huy Pham has been breakdancing for 20 years. He received training from pioneers and innovators in NYC, Miami, LA, SF and Seattle. Huy has been invited to compete, lecture, and host workshops in 18 states and 2 countries including Montreal and Ho Chi Minh City. He has also worked with 100s of kids and adults through, a non-profit in his hometown of Portland, OR that puts dance into underserved communities.

He is largely credited with helping to establish Portland, OR's identity in the global breaking community. Huy co-founded his crew Moon Patrol in 2005 with 4 members. Now with 20 members around the world, the group has inspired countless dancers with a style that is distinctly their own.

Currently Huy is the Executive Director of 11 Dance Co and founder of Dancelive (Udemy meets Netflix for dance).

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