Hussein Ghaly

App Maker

I am a translator and a linguist, so I have a deep passion for language. I have BSc in Mechanical engineering and MA in linguistics. During my academic and professional career, I had some ideas about computer aided translation and terminology and automation. All of these ideas involves having some programming background, which I didn't have, so I learned Python and Javascript, as well as databases, natural language processing, and various web technologies and realized how fun it is to turn ideas into code to solve real problems. 

I had an idea for a language learning game app, and initially it seemed quite a daunting task, but I came across Phonegap, and realized how easy it is to build an app through it. I eventually did, and I developed the game as a web app (Fluve) and compiled it to both Android and iOS.

Although I have accumulated a lot of technical knowledge in programming, web development, and app development, I do not consider myself a technical person. My style is usually exploring how things work, and play with them and see how the output changes and where there will be problems. I believe there is always a better way of doing things, and there are very easy solutions to any problem, we'll just need to keep exploring and learning!

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