Hollie Pita-Carr

Best Selling Author, Coach, Business & Charity Innovator

  •    - Why do you do what you do?  

  •    - Do you feel totally fulfilled and living your life on purpose?  

  •    - What is your Purpose?  

Can You honestly answer those questions?  I couldn’t...

Like so many of us, I've been the beyond-busy, overwhelmed, overstretched person juggling too many ‘to-do’ balls, fearful of falling.  When I realised that I couldn’t answer the simple three-letter question 'WHY?' I went on a journey of discovery, dedicated to the pursuit of purpose and how to find fulfilment.

I was an award winning business innovator, on a multi-million dollar leadership programme, recognised nationally due to some of my filed invention patents and awards. I was very proud of what I had achieved in my career, however, I couldn't answer the simple question - why? Why did I push myself so hard? What difference was I making? What value was I contributing to the world?  What was my purpose?

I started researching various perspectives, insights and wisdom from all over the world, reading and learning everything I could on purpose, fulfilment and wellbeing. I embraced my life-long love of writing and worked on my first published book: An Invitation ...To the Life of Your Dreams

I realised that what I really wanted, was to help connect people and ideas, to empower personal transformation and make a difference to the lives of others.  

I stepped away from the corporate world and co-founded an innovative charity foundation to make generosity more effective and fulfilling.  We built a community of amazing people, who together helped hundreds of causes with millions of pounds, and thousands of hours of vital pro-bono expertise, where it was needed most.  

Then I became a Mum and went through a complete life-changing transformation. I had to work on rediscovering my new sense of self and identity, beyond the professional person I had dedicated my adult life to.  I realised that there can be a lot of uncertainty when we feel that there's more to life than the job we're doing, but it’s hard to know where to start on how to find a clear path from confusion to clarity.  

I have spent years researching happiness and fulfilment, I’ve written books and given a TEDx talk on the subject. With a degree in Psychology and English Literature I’ve studied how the brain works and cognitive and developmental approaches. Plus as a university teacher, I have seen first hand how making learning fun and effective can transform lives. I’ve been lucky enough to work with world leading gurus, and complete multi-million dollar corporate leadership trainings.  I am passionate about serving others and I am a certified 'NLP' and 'Life Purpose' Coach.  I have learnt and experienced a breath of knowledge which I now want to share.  

Through my own journey of self discovery I became clear on my purpose, which is to help inspire, encourage and empower others to lead their best lives.  As you can see this is me living my purpose and I would love to help you do the same.

I want to share the best of what I’ve learnt from hours of dedicated research and millions of dollars worth of professional and personal development. I have travelled, read and experienced a wide variety of perspectives and teachings, from Spiritual Solutions, ancient Eastern wisdom, holistic health and wellbeing, to Science, Neuro-Linguistic Processing, Business Leadership and Success Strategies.  

I am delighted to share this journey with you.  I believe that the greatest value comes from being of service to others, in fulfilling our purpose, and authentically living the life of our dreams.  

I look forward to connecting with you.

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