Hini Majesty

Instructor at Udemy, Software developer

Majesty works as a freelance software developer who specialized in web development. As an experienced network marketer working with GNLD, i have always focused my web development towards building financial Apps. As of this wirting, i have taught several groups computer programming mainly the web languages even though i program in C++ and Java. I have developed quiet a number of web sites and many database driven web apps using HTML,CSS,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL and other language extensions like JSON and PDO. I also do volunteer work for my church where i developed and update the churches website and database.

Introduced to computer programming at the age of 14 by an uncle who was then a Java Programmer. One day, he asked me after observing my enthusiasm towards computing if i wanted to learn how to make animations and boy "that, moment i was like a kid in a candy shop". I became so excited that in no time, i would be building stuffs with my computer. Up until then i was practicing general computing like fixing broken pcs and local area networking. He introduced me to action script where we created a flash project together. It was so exciting. I am a firm believer in video tutorials due to the flexibility it gives in studying.

I have been working in the I.T field for the past 7 years and currently studying to get an official Bachelors certificate in I.T at the university of energy and natural resources (Ghana).

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