Helen Brookes

Technical Consultant

Hello, I am Helen Brookes. I have run my own successful London-based technical consultancy for more than 10 years, and, apart from a Science degree, hold a Diploma in Digital Marketing from ADBL UK.  I have worked with clients that include The BBC in London, Cisco Systems in the Silicon Valley, and Colt Telecom, which is one of Europe’ largest B2B data networks providers. My consultancy has seen me work extensively in most of Western Europe, North and South America, India and most recently in Singapore and New Zealand. I have used the Lean principles of rapid experimentation and learning to keep my consultancy competitive in a very tough industry. I even won a book publishing deal using the same principles.  I have first hand experience to vouch for the importance of keeping an eye out for the next big thing, and developing a knack for what the market wants.  

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