I have been playing trumpet since 2002. I discovered that I needed more rest time than I had expected. This is why I created this course to allow trumpet student and players a chance to practicing while resting by passively learning fingering, embouchure, notes and scales.

I found that there is so much opportunity but also just as much repetition as there are tasks that we are required to carry out that I am always looking for ways to systematize and improve my efficiency by automating these basic tasks.

As entrepreneurs we have so many skill based on our enthusiasm to help people and at the same time creating an opportunity to impact others through our initiative and creativity.

The unique features of a platform such as Udemy one is given the opportunity to present information by demonstration and through replication students can quickly learn and achieve successful results.

My goal is to show you new ways of doing something and at the same time inspiring you to find out what you love or hate so that you make it your purpose to live an inspiring live, solve something and to help others through your experience and creativity.

My work as an Engineer in the Civil & Construction Industry for 15 years as well as being a Performance Artist and Martial Artist have given me a unique approach to teaching online.

Here's to your inspiration, growth and creativity!

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