Mr. Hans Dholakia

Motivational Life Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Hans is a Motivational Speaker, Holistic Life Coach, Corp. Trainer, Poet, Chemical Engineer, Yoga Coach and ex-Mktg Director, with over 40 years of total experience. He lives near New Delhi, India.

He conceptualizes, designs and delivers uniquely blended spiritual-yet-scientific, value-based training / coaching programs that promote balanced self-development including body-mind-soul wellness, motivation, life skills and leadership values, for all levels of managers / executives. His work integrates the following :

(1) Latest sciences, including Neuro-Cardiology, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Quantum Physics, Mind-body Wellness research, etc. ;

(2) Enlightened Management Thinking ;

(3) Universal spiritual values common to all faiths and simple but scientific Yoga-Meditation techniques ; and

(4) His own 4-decade first-hand experience in the corporate world, first in sales / marketing (ending at Director / VP levels) and then in training and coaching.

He has helped tens of thousands in India and abroad in body-mind-soul wellness, self-development, stress and conflict resolution, personal leadership and yoga-meditation. The participants include students as well as professors, young techies, executives, senior managers including VP's / GM's, CXO's and MD's.

He is happy and excited to be able to now reach out to and serve a lot more people globally, through Udemy online courses.

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