Grzegorz Wisniewski

Coach, Trainer, Manager, Executive MBA,

I believe my knowlegde can be a kick-starter and serious acceleration of anybody's career.

I’m passionate about self-development and leadership. I have been perfecting my skills for almost 20 years now. I have been fortunate to get to know the theory any have a possibility to put it into practice.

My knowledge hunger led me to studying 5 different faculties (some of them simultaneously) ending up with Executive MBA title in International Business– so far…on the top of normal self-development activities involving books, audiobooks, DVD programs, speeches etc.

Running on corporate treadmill of one on the world biggest retailers has helped me to verify the theory learned, to check it in different circumstances as I have been leading different teams of people in different companies but also internationally while managing Projects for one of the biggest retail group in the world.

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