Greg Gilbert

Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach

If it pertains to Human Resources, leadership, management, supervision or life; Greg Gilbert has been there, done that, journaled it, heard the grievance and is now teaching and writing about it.

Early in his leadership career, the “if it’s not written, it didn’t occur” chip was implanted in his mind. In 1978, he began journaling successes, failures and what led to each. This continued through different positions and levels of leadership. These journal entries became Keynotes, Seminars and a book on leadership.

Prior to retiring from a Fortune 100 company, Greg served his last 12 years as the primary Human Resources contact to over 2200 team members. Additional journals were required.

In the past decade, thousands have joined Greg on the “Journey Through His Journals” and have learned the positive impact on RESULTS of "Leading Like You Own It." 

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