Goutam Basak


Goutam considers himself as Mathematics Honours and Masters in Information Technology by education, entrepreneur by logic, egalitarian by heart, life and learning are joyfully synonymous by attitude. Author of “Jailbreak : Unblock the friend within to conquer this big small world”, "Think Like a Migrant Act Like a Local", instructor of two e-learning courses. He has gone on to found successful consultancy company, Infonity (www.infonity.com.au). They are in HR consulting, recruitment and human analytics. They are also specialised in Workforce Diversity and Mental Health Consulting for organizations and governments. Currently they are operating nationally in Australia. In March 2014 Infonity started operations in India, focusing on early intervention on mental health. Vast experience from his early odd jobs to established corporate roles in several IT companies has sown the seeds for these courses. He worked in 14 jobs in 7 different industries has given him invaluable experience in understanding how people think and act.

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