Gina Underwood

Children's Reading Specialist

Gina Underwood, Children’s Reading Specialist

I help parents teach their children to read.

And the benefits they experience are:

-Empowered parents and educators teach children how to read.

-Knowledge of this proven, research-based, 3 step easy formula that the best private schools use is gained.  It is a scientific-based method of phonics instruction that has been successful for over 50 years in teaching reading, spelling, and handwriting to children. 

-Struggling students become the best readers in their classes.

-Parents help their children to succeed in school by getting excellent grades.

-Parents prepare their children for college and the workforce.

-A love of reading in children is fostered so they become life-long learners and readers.

-Increased self-confidence in children is seen by their improved reading abilities.

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