Gil Scholl

Sr Database Administrator, Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Gil Scholl currently is a Sr Database Administrator at Tyler Technologies, Inc.. He is a Certified Oracle Professional (OCP) with a focus on the DBA role and especially spatial DBA role. His career has covered several industries including Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, Energy industry as a reservoir engineer, and as a DBA now with spatial data emphasis. Maps have been a part of his life ever since getting his pilot's license in high school. He currently works across several industries and organizations as a consultant, including military, federal, local and state governments, energy industry, and aviation. Gil was the primary DBA in a “top 10 US airport" GIS system doing design, implementation, and operation management.

His philosophy is that “if you know something about the data", you will do a much better job of managing it as a DBA. He came through his growth as a DBA prior to adding the spatial emphasis. He sees that there is a great need for bridging the gap between the GIS Professional and the DBA to make the most out of the spatial data that organizations have. That is why he is presenting this course.

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