Gerry Kirk

Business and personal effectiveness architect

For 10 years I've been laser focused on bringing the best out of teams and individuals. I'm a professional coach and trainer whose worked primarily in the tech world. I've used Agile, Lean and Kanban in large corporations like Rackspace and Mass Mutual, in small innovative startups, as well as overworked non-profits who have a hard time saying 'no'.

Personal Kanban fuels my professional and personal life. I've trained and coached hundreds to tap its power to reach their potential.

Here's a few comments from clients and colleagues that sum me up better than I could myself...

“Before Gerry came along we had trouble organizing ourselves and really understanding how to work together as a team. Not just developers but as a company including managers. Gerry helped to increase communication company wide and increase productivity and organization. Using his expertise in Agile, he set us on the right path to company wide success. We still use the ideas and principals he set out for us to this day.”

- Jeb Bisson, IT Manager / Lead Architect, RBB Innovations

“Gerry is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever worked with; thoughtful in the sense of considering options and making wise decisions and more importantly in making those around him feel listened to and valued. Gerry is passionate about building communities and is a strong connecting force in building a shared purpose and aligning people towards achieving a shared vision through action. This of course makes him an exceptional agile coach and trainer.”

- Declan Whelan, Agile/Lean coach and CTO PrintChomp

“I can now visually and tangibly organize all tasks in my life, prioritizing and gaining a work / life balance with less anxiety!”

- Joanne Kovich, Realtor, Century 21 Realty, Director of Marketing, REDMNKY, Busy Mom Attended in-person Personal Kanban workshop

“Gerry guided us through the entire process of getting started with Agile / Scrum for our project and went the extra mile to ensure that things went smoothly. I enjoyed the creativity in his approach to developing a self managing high performance software development team. I would recommend Gerry to any organization looking to take their IT development to a new level of quality, responsiveness and productivity (not to mention fun).

- Jordan Baker, President, Scryent

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