Gerald Pauschmann

Humourous, Inspirational and Knowledgable

When you see Gerald as the EMCEE for any event, you know you won’t be getting an ordinary presenter. His unmistakeable raw talent will add impact with his quick wit and his multi talented impressions.

He is the only MC who will use the audience as motivation to direct and create the format of his ‘fill-in’ time between keynote speakers.

He guarantees that every person will be mesmerised by his ‘on stage persona’ as a ‘magician’, ‘mathematician’, ‘world famous daytime show host’ or as a ‘ventriloquist’.

Gerald is THE best loved, most intelligent, unbelievably hilarious and in most demand in his household, and is becoming one of the most recognisable faces in his street.

He is unashamedly different.

High Energy and Fun! is what Gerald Pauschmann is all about! with over 20 years experience All types of events, - to keep the audience going -

Gerald is energetic and professional. He knows how to motivate the the crowd, Quality isn't's priceless!

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