Gavin Bell

Facebook Advertising & Social Media Expert

Hey, I'm Gavin!

I'm an entrepreneur and I love to teach and inspire others.

I was described as a digital native recently. I smiled, and then I nodded. It’s not a phrase I like particularly, but it’s accurate. I’m your classic 'millennial', and the Digital World is all I’ve ever known.

It’s little wonder then that the social media landscape feels like ‘home soil’. It’s what I’ve always known. I’ve watched as relative unknowns have created incredible businesses off the back of an effective social media strategy

I run a social media agency by day and I specialise in Facebook advertising. The results my clients get are literally life changing.

Why am I on Udemy? Although I'm new to Udemy, I want to create courses that inspire people to take action. To take the strategies I teach and apply them to their business, because I know they work and I know they'll generate results. 

I want to help you and your business grow. That's the bottom line. 

Have a look at my courses and let's get to know each other. 


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