Gary Douglas

Prof. of Programming and Electronics

Gary Douglas grew up in New York City. After a knee injury his career as a Boxer came to a hault. At the age of 24 years old he went to college studying Theology, but upon finishing was disillusioned, left the field and could get nothing but low-level jobs.

He began attending local colleges taking electronics, networking, programming and mathematics courses at night and on weekends.

Armed with these skills, from 1980 to 2005, he worked in the Programming and Electronics industry where he wore many hats. He was a Programming Consultant for Citibank using a variety of languages. He was a trainer for Chubb Computers in their Networking and Programming courses. He was also a Professor at the old Albert Merrill School in their Electronics department and also in their Programming department.

He earned a CNA from Novell, an MCSE from Microsoft, and MCPs in both Visual Basic, and SQL.

He began his transition over to PHP, MySQL, C#, Javascript, HTML, and CSS with time as he moved overseas to South Korea on Christmas day in 2005, where he also began working with the Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

He has developed a good reputation for being able to present technically challenging data in an easy to understand format. And now, he trains students almost exclusively, in electronics and programming. He speaks several foreign languages, reads and writes two (now) dead languages, and enjoys his work immensely.

He applies all those years of hard-earned work-experience,knowledge and acquired training skills to this course.

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