Frazer Bond

PGA Trainee Professional III

I have been lucky enough to grow up in an area of New Zealand with the only golf course to host a world cup of golf. At a young age I attended junior lessons and stopped playing at the age of 14 on a handicap of 28 and took up competitive snowboarding. At 18 I finished school and become a bar manager at a night club that I became to loath the life style of dark nights whilst still trying to snowboard. By 19 I had dislocated my shoulder 10+ times I had to give up my dream of snowboarding. I started playing golf whilst working as a bar manager at the world renown course and within a year applied to be a professional golfer. Accepted in 2013 and now am heading into my final year of my apprenticeship. I enjoy teaching and have had some local playing success and now golf has rapidly become my life. I have now been lucky enough to meet new people from my profession and choices to mould myself a positive career and lifestyle. Now looking though teaching to create more teacher friendly courses to assist other to learn as quickly as I did.

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