Frank Anthony Buono

Distressed Asset Analyst

I first began my career in real estate in 1994 with my Pennsylvania real estate license. 20 years later in 2014 I achieved my New Jersey real estate license. in my early days in real estate I was content with selling single-family homes mostly to first-time home buyers. As the years progressed I moved on to larger more commercial properties. I took on multi-acre tracts of land and converted them into a state-of-the-art parking facility. All throughout my real estate career I've been dealing with banks and bank financing. This taught me a lot about interest rates and types of interest charge light simple interest or compound interest.

Always been fascinated with the idea that a bank takes your savings and checking account money and loans it out at 500 times the interest rate that they give to the account holder I soon turned a curious side towards how I could become a bank. This is where I found that by buying distressed and nonpaying mortgages I could step into the bank's shoes and not only create the return on investment that the bank was creating but I can go much farther and deeper to help the homeowner stay in their home. This to me was a win win win situation and I loved it.

After years of buying, selling and rehabbing these distressed real estate mortgages I now find myself eager to teach the next generation of investors this mostly unpopulated region of investing. I have closed millions of dollars worth of real estate assets and mortgage note over the last 22 years.

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