Felix Lättman

Founder of DominoEducation

Hi! I'm Felix. In 2012, I moved to China to learn Chinese. None of the teaching methods suited me so I decided to teach myself. I had a different approach and I realised Chinese isn't actually that difficult. When I was done teaching myself I started teaching other foreigners and after only a few weeks we spoke Chinese in our lessons. I found two partners and together we created a website and after only a year we passed 20 000 users

Our method uses short and entertaining videos to keep our students engaged. It also works on any languages so I've created a Swedish course now as well. Within 30 hours you WILL be more or less fluent!  

I've tested every course with real students and I genuinely believe the domino courses are the best on the market and if you don't agree, I'll happily refund your money.

Sign up to my courses and learn a language today! 

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