Anthony Robinson

Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach & Nutrition Coach

A little over a decade ago I found myself extremely overweight, nearly 60 lbs heavier than I am today. I was deeply depressed and frankly miserable. A series of events in the previous few years got me to that point, starting with an accident that left me in a coma with two collapsed lungs fighting for my life and resulting in having to relearn how to control my most basic motor functions, including how to stand and walk. 

That accident was followed closely by the deaths of my mother, my 19-month old daughter, and then my father. Soon after their deaths my marriage fell apart and I lost my job. The despair and magnitude of these losses pushed me to the brink of suicide.

But at my lowest point I made the decision to take back control of the the things that I could control and that started with my weight, my health and my fitness. And when I began to do those things my life began to change for the good and thing began to get better. But nothing began to change until I made the decision to change and no longer be a victim of my circumstances.

I share my story with you not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that no matter where you are now or where you have been in the past, you and you alone hold the power within you to change not just your body, but your mind and your life and that is exactly what this program is designed to do.

The 30 in 45 weight loss and body transformation program is the program I personally developed to first rebuild my body and mind while losing the fat and weight I had gained in my struggles during those trying times in my life and it is the same program that I have refined and used in the years since as a results coach, certified personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition coach with tremendous success and enabling countless numbers of my clients to reach their weight loss and health and fitness goals….Now it's your turn, now it's your time!

Certifications & Credentials:

American Council on Exercise (ACE):

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

 Harvard Medical School:

     CME Certifications:

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Competencies

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Prescribing Exercise

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Osteoporosis

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Acute Low Back Pain

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition & Metabolic Syndrome

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Weight Management

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Stress Management

 Yale University School of Medicine:

    CME Certifications:

  • Weight Management Counseling

 George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences:

    CME Certifications:

  • Exercise Effects on Brain Structure and Function

  • Dietary Recommendations for Brain Health in Clinical Practice

  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Dietary Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes and its Complications

Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine:

    CME Certifications:

  • Functional Nutrition: Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease.

 University of Pennsylvania

Perelman School of Medicine:

     CME Certifications:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Noninsulin Antidiabetic Agents

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  • Courses
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