Farhad Rashidi

Arcithectural Visualization Specialist

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Isaac Asimov

I came across this quote nearly a decade ago and it thoroughly changed my life. I was an undergraduate engineering student back then, and I wasn’t happy at all. My interest was engaged somewhere else. I graduated from university knowing that I wasn’t going to work a minute as an engineer. Over the past 10 years, I dedicated myself to mastering what intrigues me most, i.e. 3D visualization, Photoshop and photography, to name a few. All the effort I put into this long journey paid off after a few years. I make a comfortable living out of what I consider as my serious hobbies. I’ve been a freelance architectural visualization specialist for 7 years. I’ve worked for numerous small and large clients and have helped them bring their ideas to life. In Addition, I have helped many fellow enthusiasts tailor their skills along the way. When I started this journey, I benefited greatly from many tutorials and short courses made by passionate people. I strongly believe that now it’s my turn to contribute to other people’s progress. Learning is a never ending journey. I’m still learning and I hope I meet new people of my own tribe to share my passion with them and to learn from them.

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