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Life Hacker, Writer, Producer. Both A Corporate And Private Trainer For Both Public And Private Sector.

i started out as an engineer in a firm whose name i can't disclose moved my way up the pyramid in less than a year , became manager at the age of 23 and a major stakeholder in my company.i left the same year to go invest in stocks while at the same time starting a company which is still active and one which i sold for more than $2 million.

i liked literature so much that one day i made a call and called in some favors from my rich friends who owned a university , had them bring me in to do a lecture in a university.

i HAD NO EXPERIENCE. but it still went well and they clapped for me .

since then , i do lots and lots of lectures in different universities under different name and also i choose different get-ups so as not to get noticed.

i met the love of my life at 25 (haha the perfect age , they say!) and we are still together , we live somewhere everywhere across the world .)

i have been involved in many things. i liked to do all the things.

i once went surfing alone in the pacific ocean when my boat was half a mile away , i returned back swimming.(can you imagine the feeling of swimming somewhere , someplace, no one watching you , that feeling can be scary for some peeps but for me it was liberating , i was in control , i was the master , i felt it , i therefore LIVED it.)

i hang out with ceo's , aspiring writers , artists , actors (hollywood of course) , ministers , senators ,bankers , engineers,managers,stock brokers. i just learn from them more than you could learn from your book at home , more than you could learn from the internet.

since i taught literature at that university , that day , i felt that i could teach anything.

now for a low fee or for free (only for my rich CEO friends) , i go to their company with a getup and under an assumed name , i just go and teach them things. things that the company would need to pay to get their employees' skills up).

if you have read this far , go check out my courses , they are as interesting as i am .

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