Erica Pereira

Meditation Coach at Udemy & Worldwide

Erica Pereira is a multi-lingual, meditating mother, daughter, cookie-eater, award-winning teacher, silly best friend, and globe-trotting new author; not necessarily in that order.  Her popular book "Moving Meditations for Mommy" (available in English and Spanish on Kindle and as paperback on Amazon; English AudioBook is available on iTunes and Audible.) has sold around the world, acquiring an international following to support an inclusive global Meditation movement.  Moving Meditations for Mommy set the foundation for this Udemy course expanding Moving Meditation beyond motherhood, to all busy people in general.  

After years of teaching Spanish to high school students in the Metro Atlanta area and parenting two energetic boys, she has become a master of finding peace in the midst of chaos and is pleased to share her secrets with the world.  

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