Eli Harari

The Thinking Coach - Leadership Training of a Different Kind

Hi, I am Eli, known as The Thinking Coach, and am an international mentor, speaker, trainer & consultant of Fortune 500 companies, leading European organizations, US government, African government, central banks & Chinese companies. 

With over 25 years’ experience in Change Management Training & Authentic Leadership Development Training, I am considered an expert in advanced Resource Human Training and a pioneer of new soft skill practices and thinking arts that reflect the changing nature of these times. In my capacity as an international facilitator, I wear 3 different “Hats”-

  • The Speaker,  
  • The Top Management Excellence Team Trainer
  • The one-on-one Personal Training Progress Chaser.

 My fields of expertise include;

  • Professional Excellence Training, 
  • Authentic Leadership Training, 
  • Advanced HR Practices,
  • Strategic Thinking, 
  • Strategic Personal & Collective Effectiveness,
  • Strategic Communication,
  • Advanced Teamwork Practices (Synergizing women’s & men’s power to create winning team).
  • Negotiation Arts,
  • Critical Thinking, 
  • Decision Making Process, 
  • Change Management Training, 
  • Creative Thinking Training, 
  • Emotional Intelligence training 
  • The 5 Intelligences of Future Adaptability

I blend many of these soft skills together to form the crystal of Leadership success based on the critical thinking principal of LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE.

My motto is:

“We must enliven and upgrade the level of soft skills in the professional environment from the negativity that prevents people from truly succeeding”. 

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