Eldon Harris

Media Game Designer

My name is Eldon Harris and I believe in the power of the individual. I founded Roencia Game Creators which provides graphics for game developers. I've seen production of games from paper to release and the efforts it takes to make them.

I started on my own and then later found kindly support from investors and others interested in my work. I make my courses to be a support to you. It's possible for you to make games with a crappy computer and a limited budget. It's possible for you to do many amazing things and it starts by doing something small first. GameMaker:Studio was the path for me & I fully recommend it to you.

There is a slue of great games made in that engine you're probably playing right now! However...playing a game and making a game are two different beasts.

Once you make your first game, share it with friends, and then even possibly sell it, you'll never want to stop. I'll be here if you need me. I'll provide all the graphics you need or source files you'll need as required for my courses.

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