Irene Karageorgos

Greek Language Instructor

I studied Greek literature at the University of Ioannina and have specialized in teaching of Greek as a second language or as a foreign one. I, also, have attended training seminars on immigrants’ education in Greek language, history and culture.

My research interests are based on science education, with an emphasis on research and teaching of the Greek language and history to foreigners. My scientific experience is related to intercultural education programs and my writing activity includes training materials and publications

Through mine multicultural experience I acknowledge the difficulties of learning Greek and I focus on each student. I believe adults can learn a second language in a short time period if the appropriate approach is used. Content standardization, well defined learning objectives and the use of over learning based on repetition and response drills are the key components of his approach. I love sports, history, travelling and exchanging experiences with different cultures and civilizations.

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