Egon Stephan Jr

Cinematographer, Camera Geek and Instructor

Egon Stephan Jr is an accomplished master of film equipment, camera techniques, and lighting, disciplined and exacting, and always on the cutting edge.

Egon grew up in this business, his credits include over 40 Feature Films and TV Shows, 60 Music Videos, and over 300 Television Commercials, and the list of filmmakers he has worked ranges from Ridley & Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Michael Bay to Spike Lee, just to name a few.

Growing up in the film business, Egon started working on the sets of legendary television shows like Miami Vice and Wise Guys. He has worked as an assistant cameraman and camera operator on many Hollywood first run films such as Empire, Police Academy, Heavenly Kid, and Parenthood. He has been a filmmaker his entire life. 

Egon is also the President and CEO of CineVideoTech, Inc., a motion picture equipment rental house that has supplied most every major film production in South Florida and the Caribbean since 1968.

Egon has a passion for educating the filmmakers and passing on the vast knowledge he has acquired over the years. 

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