Edward Lomax

Forex Trader

My name is Edward Lomax, and I'm excited to share my Forex experience and knowledge with beginner and intermediate traders, or anyone looking to secure their financial futures.

I'm originally from the East Coast of the United States. But in 2001, I moved to Chile to help out with an illness of my wife's father. As you can imagine, moving to a different country requires overcoming a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges was answering the question, "What am I going to do now to make a living"?

As fate would have it, when you move to a different country, you are immediately thrust into the world of Foreign Exchange. Every time I exchanged US dollars for Chilean Pesos, or calculated the cost of something in dollars from pesos, I was participating in the Forex market. This lead to exploring the possibility of making money currency trading. And that decision changed my life.

I would like to say everything was easy right from the start and I was an immediate success. But that simply was not the case. I made a lot of costly mistakes in the beginning, and it took longer than I wanted to figure out how to become profitable with consistency.

But I think the situation I found myself in forced me to keep at it. I correctly identified trading Forex as an excellent income and wealth building opportunity. And my situation dictated I just could not give up until I figured it out. That drive is what lead to my success.

I am now in the position to help others reach profitability faster and without having to go through the long learning curve I did. Trading the Forex Market has become a part of my life and an essential component in securing my financial future. For those looking to grow wealth over time and improve their financial future, learning from me can help clear the path to success.

I'm know for telling people what they need to here, not necessarily what they want to hear. You'll get it straight from me, and I won't sugar-coat the reality of trading Forex. But even being brutally honest, I can say that Forex trading is one of the best wealth building opportunities available and far better than other investment opportunities.

To sum up, I'm passionate about Forex trading and helping others to become profitable trading currency. I'm excited to share my hard earned knowledge with you and help you reach your potential in record time!

Take Forex trading seriously. Learn and APPLY what you learn. And succeed where others fail.

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