Edushala Pvt. Ltd

Teach what you love | Love what you learn

Edushala is an education based company residing in Nepal.

We connect passionate professionals with knowledge-hungry students who are looking to learn "practical" skills.

Our mission is to provide our students with skills that are useful, fun, and transferable in the real world by linking them with incredible teachers who focus on doing, not memorizing. Edushala classes emphasize projects and peer-learning rather than tests and textbooks. Our goal is to make sure you can confidently decorate a room, write a poem, or negotiate a contract, not recall facts.

Our educators are our partners and we work with them to bring the best out of them. We give them the blank canvas they need to teach what they love and empower them with tools to make their jobs easier. Then, we get out of their way. Our goal is to foster opportunities for creativity in the classroom and best enable educators to share their skills, interests, and passions. Most of all, we help our customers develop a lifelong love of learning and sharing.

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