I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineer. I've been teaching Electrical and Computer Engineering at undergraduate and graduate for over 10 years now. 

I love hardware, software and teaching.

I have 4 courses on Udemy so far, one on a technique to solve engineering problems easily, and a series of 3 courses (so far) on the electronics and algorithms behind microcontroller platforms.

Among the subjects in the classes I teach on campus, my strongest are Electrical Circuit Theory, Electronic Devices, Digital Design, Computer Architecture, Microcontrollers, Assembly and C Programming for Embedded Applications, Hardware Description Language, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Artificial Intelligence, Printed Circuit Board Design and Real Time Operating Systems.

Along with two of my finest colleagues, I created one of the first MOOCs in spanish, an introduction to the Raspberry Pi. We wrote a conference paper on the outcome of this very successful course. 

I'm currently taking the Online Master of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and I'm loving every minute of it.

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