Eduardo Corpeño

Electrical & Computer Engineer

I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineer. I've been teaching Electrical and Computer Engineering at undergraduate and graduate for over 10 years now. 

I love hardware, software and teaching.

I have 5 courses on Udemy so far, one on a technique to solve engineering problems easily, and a series of 4 courses (so far) on the electronics and algorithms behind microcontroller platforms.

Among the subjects in the classes I teach on campus, my strongest are Electrical Circuit Theory, Electronic Devices, Digital Design, Computer Architecture, Microcontrollers, Assembly and C Programming for Embedded Applications, Hardware Description Language, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Artificial Intelligence, Printed Circuit Board Design and Real Time Operating Systems.

Along with two of my finest colleagues, I created one of the first MOOCs in spanish, an introduction to the Raspberry Pi. We wrote a conference paper on the outcome of this very successful course. 

I recently got a Master of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech and I loved every minute of it.

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